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Elementary Letters

Electronic Practice Cards for Zaner-Bloser Manuscript

Application and fonts to help students learn Zaner-Bloser Manuscript style stick and circle Elementary School handwriting.

The Elementary Letters Zaner-Bloser fonts for iPad and iPhone

Each letter is shown on guidelines, like it would be seen in a practice book, with the top and bottom line solid, a dashed middle line to write lower case letters, and a dashed below line to know where to stop when drawing descenders for letters that go below the baseline, such as g, j, p, q.
ZNuscript Guided font for iOS 
When the application starts, the first letter of the alphabet is displayed.

If you swipe your finger up or down, the same letter will be represented with arrows that indicate the drawing order :
ZNuscript Arrows Guided font for iOS
This is very convenient for students to better understand how letters are constructed. Swiping again makes the arrows disappear.

To go from one letter to another, swipe left or right to go up and down the alphabet, like you would flip pages.

To access a particular letter or symbol, tap the search icon in the middle of the tab bar at the bottom of the screen :Access a character

Type the character, and it will be displayed full screen. The keyboard shows uppercase letters, but lowercase are fetched. If you want uppercase letters, tap the shift key, on the left of the keyboard, before tapping the letter. To get accented characters, hold the vowel until you get a choice of accented characters.
Accented characters

You can try the current font yourself by typing a few words. It will use the type of font displayed on the main screen, which means if you use the arrows one, they will show just the same.
Tap the Exercize icon :

Play with the font

When the screen appears, the keyboard is automatically presented, so you can start typing. When you are finished, tap the orange "Done" in the upper left corner to hide the keyboard, so you can tap on another icon. If you wanted to come back typing, simply tap on the text.

You can install both ZNuscriptGuided and ZNuscriptArrowsGuided on your device, so they can be used by all applications that support fonts, such as Pages 2.5. Tap Install the fonts on your device.

Install fonts

When you tap on the font you want, a box appears showing the progress of the process.
After a few seconds, a dialog appears to add the font to the preferences :

Add font to the preferences

Tap Install, confirm with your code :

Enter code

Now the profile is installed, and you can use the font in all iOS applications that support fonts.


Here is an example of the formatting of characters in Pages, selecting ZNuscriptArrowsGuided :

With these fonts, blank guidelines are simply obtained by tapping space. However, when printing, some printers may not like it when space has been redefined, so if the guideline does not print right, use underscore _ instead.

If you still have any question, tap here to send a message. We reply right way.

This application uses fonts you can also install on your Macintosh, or Windows machine. There is a complete method with all sorts of styles, including dotted and outline,heavy, with guidelines or not, that is used daily by the best teachers, entire schools, and book publishers. ZMethod contains 30 fonts, ranging from elementary school Manuscript conforming to Zaner Bloser standard, up to Writing cursive. Each font is available separately, or in the full 30 fonts method.

These fonts work perfectly in standard Macintosh and Windows programs, such as Pages, Microsoft Word, or Desktop Publishing programs.

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