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Frequently Asked Questions

Normally, all software comes from the App Store. If for any reason you just ordered directly from our site, and did not receive confirmation by email, please report it by clicking below, and we will do all we can to assist immediately. Most of the time, automated messages sent upon purchase may have been misplaced on arrival by filters in spam or bulk folders. You may want to look in there first. At any rate, we will make sure you get what you purchased, and re-send manually right away. Your patronage is important to us.

All customer service or technical support requests MUST be done in writing by email.
Please tap here or on the envelope icon above.
How long will it take for you to reply ?
In general, during business hours, we do our best to reply immediately. Which means often less than 5 minutes, and usually one hour at best. If you do place an order out of business hours, on a week-end or at night, please allow us time to resume work, and we will do our utmost.

I am not sure I will be satisfied by your fonts. Do you offer refunds ?
Since 1987, we have tried our best to satisfy our customers to the best of our ability, and followed all technological evolution, so we are rather sure the fonts comply with all technical requirements. If you purchased in the App Store, we will gladly offer technical support. If you want a refund anyway, please contact Apple support, who will take care of that. If you purchased directly from our site, we do stand behind our products and offer a 45 days guarantee. By using Paypal, you also benefit from their guarantee.

Can you please call me back to assist in installation
Sorry, no phone support is available. We do our best to reply ASAP and personally by email. Please understand that hotline and call centers have a heavy cost, our low prices cannot finance. But we do our absolute best to support you by email.

Why should I go through PayPal ? I rather pay by phone with my credit card.
We stopped taking payment over the telephone to avoid any fraud. In any store, we could ask for ID and be safe. Besides, think about it : when you shout your credit card details to a call center at the other end of the world over a wireless or cell phone, are you really sure nobody is overhearing ?
The very reason why we chose PayPal, is to avoid any security breach. As the major payment processor on the Internet today, they are the most trusted partner. When you pay through PayPal, we never know your credit card details. This is much, much safer for both parties. For you, it is as safe as an ATM from home (much better than the real thing), and for us, there is no chance of error. Everybody is happy.

Ooops ! My PayPal primary address is obsolete, and your mail will be lost
Please let us know your current address, name and product purchased, so we can send you a copy of the download instructions. This is also valid if for any reason your mail crashed, or something happened that distroyed your precious files.
To change your PayPal primary address, log onto their site, enter your new address (they have excellent guidelines), verify it, and voila.

My device crashed, I have lost your fonts, password. Please help.
If you purchased from the App Store, connect to iTunes, and after login, you will be able to find back all your purchases and reinstalll. If you purchased direct from our site, we keep good records and can retrieve your download instructions for you later on. We do need the approximate date of purchase , email address or name of the purchaser to find back your records.

What insures me that you will deliver as promised ?
Our Payment processor, PayPal, has a very strict procedure in case a vendor does not deliver. Our system is set so as soon as you have completed payment, you will be taken to the download area, where your computer will fetch your purchase electronically. And at the same time, download instructions will be sent to your current PayPal address as an added measure of precaution. If you could not locate that mail, look into the spam or bulk folder, where filters may have misplaced that automated message. This happens often with GMail, AOL and Hotmail, and unfortunately we have no way to find out.

Why should I use Safari ? I prefer Chrome.
For technical reasons, only Safari can carry out the installation of fonts in a device preferences. So you must use Safari for that operation. But that is only once. Safari is installed as default on all iPhones and iPads, so it should not be much of an issue.


We believe in the strict right to privacy. In other words, your information is your own, and you are entitled to expect others to respect it as your private property.
We do not collect any information about you, and do not use tracking software such as cookies or other technical means.
Servers automatically record IP addresses of computers connecting to them to be able to deliver pages, but none of this information is used for any tracking operation.
We strictly forbid ourselves to collect, record or otherwise process any private data belonging to our visitors without their expressed consent.
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